Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prom Night Strategies - What To avoid at Prom

1. Do not wait to ask for your potential prom date. - No matter if the prom is a single month away or 4 months away, talk to your potential date out as soon as you are sure of it. It's better to have that person accept or deny your prom invitation so that you are sure of things and can start organizing. Ladies, don't feel like you have to wait for another person to ask you! For those who have somebody in mind, go ahead and ask that special one.

2. Make a good color choice. - We talk a lot about color and how it's a good idea to go bright with your dress. There are, however, limitations. The most essential thing is to make sure to pick the right color for you skin. The enhancement of your skin tone will complement the rest of your appearance and all your hard work will glow. Your prom pictures will also turn out excellent!

3. Yes, Length matters. - Although this season is all about showing some leg, it isn't about having too high of a skirt or ending up with too long of a skirt. Make sure that you are comfortable with the length of your dress and take into consideration the height of your heels.It is better to get a dress that is longer than you like so that you may make alterations if need be.

4. The importance of accessorize. - Accessories can definitely make your prom look entirely stunning! This is your night to shine. Do it with either earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a hair piece, etc. Just make sure you are not overembellished, but just enough to feel stunning and glamourous.

5. Don't fight with your curls. - You know how it goes. Those who have curly hair want it straight and those that have straight hair want it curly. Not matter if yours is naturally curly or straight, you should style your hair accordingly. After you can't fight with the nature, why don't enhance it?

6. Do not over style. - Whether it be your hair or the choice of your dress and accessories, don't over do it. If you put too much things it's very likely to turns out bad. It may be important to you to be trendy and we agree, but having too many trends for one night out can be too much. It is better to choose one or two of your favorite trends and create you own style.

7. Don't forget your manners. - Believe it or not, manners and etiquette are of highly importance when it comes to prom or other official events of that kind.. You don't want to come across as impolite or inconsiderate of other people emotions. Most manners are common sense and are already instilled in you. If you are known for not being the most polite or orderly date, please review over a list of what to do and what not to do in a social outing.

8. Don't create prom drama. - Well, prom is not always smiles and roses, it have its negative sides and drama is one them. With prom, drama arises from clothing to date selections and everywhere in-between. Don't make the things worse, everithing is normal! If things are getting really bad and your feelings got hurt, just take a break and get some fresh air. Things will work out in the end even if they turn out to be completely different than imagined. You surely don't want to be remembered as the "drama momma"!

9. Tend not to be late! - Prom night is definitely a night that everybody tends to get carried away with. That doesn't mean that those involved shouldn't be excited, but time is a concern that needs to be number one. All that hard work to get a schedule ready shouldn't go to waste. Get to your location 10-15 minutes ahead of time. You probably don't want to have everybody waiting for you and it's most likely that you don't want to be left behind the group.

10. Don't do anything last minute. - It is very easy to start thinking if we just added something more, or redid our makeup, or added extra makeup, or even redid our hairdo, that it will be absolutely stunning and perfect. Stop before you start to do this! It's quite likely that you already look perfect and don't need any retouches, particularly when the time is running out.

Since we know our bodies and see ourselves in the mirror each day, it is normal for us to believe we don't appear our complete best because we know what that looks like. This doesn't mean that other people don't think that you aren't already gorgeous. By making last minute changes, things tend to go array and disasters are born. This is something you don't want to do.

And don't forget the only thing you need, regardless of your evening gown, your eye makeup, your hairstyle, and accessories is your smile and good mood.

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