Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Wear Ankle Boots Tips

The ankle boot is a shoe that covers the majority, if not all, of the foot. Not like a regular boots which can vary, from midcalf up to the thigh, those kind of boots only gets to the ankles. It can be made from many fabrics such as leather, suede, .... Like standard boots, it comes in different heel heights and styles.

For ladies with shapelier calf muscles, it may be best to stay away from wearing ankle-high boots with a cropped style of leggings, and also shorter length tights. Most of these looks often make ladies look shorter than they in reality are, while adding bulk to the legs. So go for the full length stockings or tights when having this shoes.

The Short Dress

Your short skirt or mini gown have to fall at your mid-thigh, if you would like your legs to look slim and trim. Your legs can look longer if your skirt is shorter, especially if you match it with black tights. Absolutely stay away from any skirt or dress that falls lower that your knee. Your legs can look even short and the look becomes dull. A-line dresses are the best. Pencil skirts do not work at all.

Thight Outfit

When dressed in a short dress or short skirt together with ankle boots, a fit that skims instead than hugs the thighs is commonly far more complementing. The thing is to seem long and slim and to minimize problems. The boot in itself will bring attention to the lower part of the legs. A dress that is too tight might make your thighs appear bigger and your legs look shorter.

Leggings and Pants

Wearing ankle boots with tights similar in color to the shoe will bring the look of height. This makes a continuous line from leg to foot. Slim-cut trousers and jeans also give the impression of longer legs. Kendall Farr writes in "The Pocket Stylist" that the ankle boot, "combined with a pair of well-cut pants creates an unbroken leg line. Keep the look monochromatic or tonal: black with black or navy; dark espresso brown with dark brown."

An Alternative

The ankle boot is a more daring alternative to a traditional boot or to a pair of pumps. It lends a latest touch to what might be an normal attire. It will work to the wearer's advantage as long as she is aware of her body shape--what can look complementing and what will focus on her best characteristics.

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